How To Sell with Mercari – Making Money

What is Mercari?

I initially discovered the Mercari app when I was looking to sell gently used baby items and my own clothing. There are so many categories you can sell under on this app! This includes kitchen appliances, sports items, electronics, and more. I downloaded the app from the Apple Store and I was surprised how easy it was to use. I was already familiar with selling and shipping items on eBay and Amazon so I thought I’d give it a try. 

Signing up on Mercari to sell. 

Mercari asks for basic information upon sign up: E-mail, create a username and password, or log-in with Facebook information instead. Add a photo of yourself if you’d like. There is also a profile verification to further identify yourself (optional). The profile verification requests for a scan of your Government issued ID, verification of your phone number and e-mail address. In my opinion, the verification is simple and it’s a great feature and peace of mind knowing your making transactions with verified buyers and sellers. 

How do I create a listing? 

From the app you can list your item, take and edit pictures, set a selling price, and choose how you will ship your product. 

Take good pictures. 

  • Take photos with good lighting. Natural sun light works just as fine!
  • Use the in app editing features to crop the photo and brighten up the images. 
  • Stage your items. Staging your item for photos can make a big difference as to whether people will look at your listing. For example: Hang tops on a hanger, wipe items down if they’re dusty or dirty, use a lint roller on clothing. 
  • Take pictures of  items on a simple background (flooring, carpet, or a blank wall). 
  • Avoid other objects in the photo.

Pricing items.

Determine a selling price. Before I price my items on Mercari I search the item to see if anyone has sold something similar and base it off recently sold prices. Filtering by “sold” items under that category really helps to narrow down a good price point. 

There’s also a great feature called “Smart Pricing” where you set the lowest price you would take for your item. Mercari will automatically reduce the price slowly until it reaches your smart price. Your listing is automatically updated with each price change and you’ll have more chances of getting buyers to look at your item as it’s boosted towards newer listings. 

Listing Description

You don’t necessarily need to write an entire novel on your listing. I personally write very basic descriptions about my items, note any defects if applicable, and info about my shipping. Some Mercari sellers will add extra tags in the description section since Mercari only offers an option for 3 hashtags. In my listing that I used as an example I used hashtags #champion #menshoodie #hoodie but in the description I could also add “black sweater, black hoodie, champion sweater”, etc. 


One of my favorite features about using Mercari is the hassle-free shipping options. Shipping with Mercari is super simple. Mercari determines the cost of the shipping up to a specific weight/size and this includes shipping protection for the item. Y

When I’ve shipped items that are over 2 lbs with a pre-paid label from the app it usually costs around $9.99 with UPS. A few great things about the UPS pre-paid label is that you can package your item, bring it to the nearest UPS retail location to drop off, and the store can print out your shipping label for you by scanning the QR code from the app. 

The next option is to ship on your own. My personal preference to ship on my own is with USPS since they offer some great options for shipping priority mail w/ free flat rate shipping supplies, free tracking, and the ability to print priority shipping labels from home. 

With priority mail flat rate shipping, it doesn’t matter how much the item weighs as long as it fits in the packaging and you pay the price accordingly. It’s best to do you shipping research if you plan to ship on your own. Check the mail carrier’s website to get an estimate on shipping costs for your item. You may save a few dollars comparing shipping options between different carriers. 

I highly suggest to always add tracking so both the buyer and seller can track delivery. Shipping protection can also be added if needed (may cost extra). Shipping can be a little confusing at first, but depending on what you’re shipping you can quote rates and delivery times easily from the Mercari app or directly from the mail carrier websites. 

Buyer & Seller Ratings

The second to the last step before receiving payment on Mercari does require both the buyer and seller to review the transaction. The buyer will be prompted to confirm they’ve received their item after delivery and rate the seller within three days. If the buyer doesn’t rate a seller Mercari will automatically close out the transaction for the seller with a default 5-star rating. Sellers will then have the opportunity to rate the buyer and the transaction is complete. 

Getting paid!

n order to get paid with Mercari there are a few steps that have to be completed. Your item needs to be shipped, tracked, and confirmed. When the item is delivered with an updated status from the mail carrier the buyer then has three days to rate you as a seller. You also have to rate the buyer. Funds are then released thereafter.

Receiving payment or using credit to shop

Payment can be kept as a credit on your Mercari account. You can use the credit to shop on the app and purchase items. Or money can be transferred to your banking institution. In order to transfer money you do have to provider your banking institution info (bank name, routing number, and account number). Bank transfers can take up to 5 business days. Lastly, you can also use instant pay which charges $2 for each transaction to get your money within minutes.

All in all, I love using Mercari! The platform is simple to use and it’s a great way to profit on items instead of hosting a garage sale or selling on local apps. Sign up for Mercari here and receive $10 off your first purchase. Earn an extra $20 in Mercari credits when you make your first $100 in sales. 

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